Saturday, April 21, 2007

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

"Faster than a speeding bullet." That's how quickly my moods change. This last week I concluded that I am rapid-cycling. According to my wife, I am changing mood at least twice per week. It didn't used to be that often. This is not good.

Rapid cycling, as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), is a change of mood with four or more episodes of mania or depression per year. In my case, I would be described as a person who is an ultra-rapid cycler. Ultradian cycling is when a change occurs several times a day. RCBPD occurs in about 15% of the bipolar population. Unfortunately, this type of bipolar disorder is extremely treatment-resistant. That has certainly been my experience.

Dr. William Coryell, a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Iowa, reports that patients with bipolar disorder who develop a rapid-cycling pattern suffer substantial depressive morbidity and are at high risk for suicide attempts. People with this type of bipolar disorder tend to have more depressive episodes and have poorer treatment response. The frequent shifts in mood, energy and ability to function put additional stress on the patient and also on his/her relationships.

If you have bipolar disorder and are experiencing rapid-cycling, you will need to report this to your physician or psychiatrist, so that a treatment regimen can be tailored to meet your special needs. I plan to meet with my medical professionals and discuss a possible change in my medications needed for my RCBPD. My prayers are for all of you.

Photography season is now in full-swing here in Arkansas. The grass is like blades of emeralds, the birds are in abundance, the trees are putting on their spring and summer clothing, and every week is full of photographic activities.

Monday through Wednesday I went to the lake, Thursday I went to the Buffalo River, Friday I went to a baseball game and today I attended a dog show. "I'm loving it!!!" I'm depressed, but still having fun.

["I'm so low, I could do a ten minute free-fall off the edge of a dime."]

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Praying for you today.